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Discerningly Versed - Effective Iterative Learning

Ian McEwan won the Booker prize for which of his novels ?


The Cement Garden
Enduring Love

Iain Banks is best known for which novel, his first published in 1984 ?


Espedair Dreams
The Wasp Factory
Dead Air

Perfume, The Pigeon, Three Stories and a Reflection were written by which author from Germany ?


Arthur Golden
Malorie Blackman
Vikram Seth
Patrick Süskind

The Secret History is a modern day best seller from


Jacqueline Wilson
Arundati Roy
Helen Fielding
Donna Tartt

The Bridgitte Jones series and cause Celeb were written by ?


Jacqueline Wilson
Jean Auel
Helen Fielding
Donna Tartt

Russian Fyodor Dostoyevsky's most famous novel published in the 1860's was ?


The Gentle Maiden
Crime and Punishment
The Double
The House of the Dead

Katherine, Avalon, Green Darkness & The Winthrop Woman are all successful books by


Anya Seton
Jean Auel
Dodie Smith
Stella Gibbons

Irvine Welsh is best known for his first published novel which was ?


The Acid House

Which modern writer from Ireland is known for the Artemis Fowl series ?


Iain Banks
Eoin Colfer
Nick Hornby
Irvine Welsh

Which Nick Hornby book was an account of his support for Arsenal FC ?


Fever Pitch
High Fidelity
A Long Way Down
About a Boy

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