Discerningly Versed - Effective Iterative Learning Quiz Questions - UKs Largest Structures
Discerningly Versed - Effective Iterative Learning

The UK's largest shopping centre is... ?


Bluewater, Kent
Meadowhall, Sheffield
Lakeside, Essex
Metro Centre, Newcastle

The longest motorway in the UK is ?


M4 - London to Swansea
M6 - Rugby to Carlisle
M5 - Birmingham to Exeter
M1 - London to Leeds

The UK's largest shipping container port is in ?


Ellesmere Port

The largest rail station in the UK is ?


London Waterloo
Birmingham New Street

The UK's longest single-span suspension bridge is the.... ?


Humber Bridge
Severn Bridge
Moray Firth Kessock Bridge
Forth Road Bridge

The UK's tallest cathedral spire is located at ?


Lincoln Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral
Worcester Cathedral
Coventry Cathedral

What is the name of the UK's tallest office building ?


CIS Tower, Manchester
Nat West Tower, London
Canary Wharf Tower, London
Telecom Tower, London

What is the largest single building within the UK ?


Parliament Complex, London
St Paul's Cathedral, London
York Minster, York
Ford Parts Distribution Centre, Daventry

The largest sports stadium capacity in the UK is at ?


Twickenham Rugby Stadium, Middlesex
Old Trafford, Manchester
St James Park, Newcastle
Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

The UK's tallest structure of any kind is ?


Durris Transmitter, Scotland
Emley Moor Trans Mast, W.Yorkshire
Belmont Transmission Mast , Lincs
Mendip Transmitter, Somerset

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