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  Geography A look around the world featuring every continent. African Countries A-Z, Americas, Countries & their Capitals, Europe and an in depth look at many of the world's geographical features.  
  United Kingdom A detailed look into every region of England. Each county is comprehensively covered and the history of many English regions is also looked at.  
  History This topic includes a detailed look into events throughout the Twentieth Century. There are a look into many of the important conflicts as well as a look into the mysterious world of Mythology.  
  Arts Improve your English vocabulary as well as take a look into the world of music and a general look into the Arts.  
  General Knowledge Food sport and general trivia are covered in this topic.  
  Science All of the natural sciences are covered in this topic. You can learn all of the Chemical Symbols for the elements. Measurement and time are also covered .A detailed look into many pioneers can be found at the inventions section.  
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