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To improve understanding, knowledge and long term retention for a variety of user selected topics.

Users select a given category. They then test their knowledge of this subject. Users answers are immediately marked and any wrong answers indicated. Users can continue with this subject until they gain 10/10 and feel comfortable they know all of the answers.

In order to increase effectiveness of learning on each occasion questions and answers are delivered their order is changed.

Users can return to that category at a later date - days, months or years later to see if that information has been retained. If it has not, they can simply test themselves again to refresh their memory.

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Only Subscribers can have their own profile which indicates all the topics taken with dates and score history. Check out the Test Profile for a sample profile for a  Subscriber.

It should be noted users are not expected to know the answers to many of the questions immediately. Much of the information is learnt from the question itself and by repetitively learning the  respective answer.

Chemistry Corner
  Learn ALL your chemical elements & remember  them !
Chemical Elements AB Chemical Elements BC Chemical Elements PR
Element Symbols AB Element Symbols BC Element Symbols ST
Basic Chemistry I Chemical Elements UVXYZ Element Symbols UVXYZ
More Chemistry in the Science Section
Times Tables
8 Times Tables
Times Tables Practice Sheet
9 Times Tables 7 Times Tables

   United Kingdom  
A look around every English County
A batch of question categories available
Oxfordshire Areas I Herefordshire Geography I
Herefordshire Areas I Norfolk Areas I
Suffolk Areas I Cumbria Areas II
Manchester Areas I Shropshire Areas I
London Waterways I Essex Areas II
Northamptonshire Areas I Lincolnshire Areas II
Derbyshire Areas II Leicestershire Areas II
  Nottinghamshire Areas III Tyne and Wear Areas III  
  Northumberland Waterways County Durham Byeways  
  Berkshire Areas I Buckinghamshire Houses I  
  Essex Areas III Kent Waterways
West Sussex Geography East Sussex Areas II
   A sample of some British Geography  
  UK Islands II National Trails I  
  UKs Largest Structures UK's Geographical Extremes  
  Lots more questions with comprehensive coverage in the Geography Section  
Amazing Fact
The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus & The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus in Turkey were two of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World
   Essential America  
A look around all of the 50 US states
Learn all of the US States their Capitals
US States A-G US States H-M
US States M-N US States N-S
 A sample of some State essentials
Alabama California
Maryland New Mexico
Vermont Washington
   An overview of United States Geography  
  US Rivers I US Interstates I  
  US Territory I US Extremes I  
  US Extremes II  
  Once you've learnt the capitals do you know their States ?  
  US Capitals A-C US Capitals C-H  
  US Capitals H-L US Capitals M-R  
  Lots more questions with comprehensive coverage in the Geography Section  
Roman Iterative Learning
 "Set in a notebook, learned & conned by rote" From Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare "conned by rote"  means
learnt by heart.
A random selection of questions from those available
Great Authors & Books I Great Authors and Books IX European Art Music I Composers I Classic Albums IX Cornwall Areas I
Measurement I SI Measurement I Gregorian Calendar I Inventions II Inventions Trains 1 Fruit VII
Pasta I Capitals of Countries A Capitals of Countries TUVW Djibouti Libya Paraguay
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